SAP Manufacturing Execution System (SAP MES)

SAP MES is holistic approach covering all aspects of manufacturing
This platform centralizes all processes and allows real-time data collection ensuring compliance with production requirements. Based on it, SAP MES gives capability to monitor production inputs on-line and optimizes consumption of manufacturing components to get the production process more economical efficient. Pointing any quality problems allows to solve them and ensures permanent quality improvement continuity.

Data Warehouse

Business efficiency within the domain of manufacturing must be driven by data. SAP MES functionality gives:

  • Real-time production data storing and make them structured and trackable
  • Sophisticated analyses
  • Real-time reporting, dashboards
  • Periodical production data uploading to people responsible for production processes


Based on current situation and matching the enterprise’s operational goals SAP MES helps creating the environment of preparation for production:

  • Ordering planning
  • Components demand planning
  • Maintenance schemes planning
  • Capacity/yielding planning

Perfomance Management

With broad range of analytical customizable tools offered by SAP MES production staff can track current parameters of production lines and compare them to the goals set/planned before:

  • Production status quo visualization
  • Kye performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Controlling and setting production parameters
  • Customized system of alerts
  • Predictive analyses
  • Prescriptive analyses

Quality Control

The kye and strategic element of enterprise’s competitive advantage is the quality offered product. SAP MES creates unique environment to ensure the optimum quality level for user’s defined constrains:

  • Production settings control - monitoring and benchmarking
  • Deviations of production parameters monitoring
  • Exceptions management
  • Real-time manual and automated change management
  • Documentation management including versioning

Workforce Management

The human resources are crucial part of production. SAP MES provide tools to handle all necessary aspects related to people directly involved in manufacturing:

  • Skills/ qualifications of workers monitoring
  • Time and attendance
  • Shift scheduling