SAP ME (Manufacturing Execution)

SAP ME SDK training

  • SAP ME SDK training is a 5-day hands-on Java programming workshop during which developers learn to customize the core SAP ME application

SAP ME custom code review

  • Review SAP ME customizations implemented by using NWDI/DS, Legacy SDK
  • Review SAPMEINT customization implemented in MII Workbench

SAP ME customizations

  • Printing process customization using custom standalone activities, POD plugins, data acquisition, MII transaction
  • New Custom POD and other GUI activities
  • Customization Activity hooks
  • Custom POD selection and Order Queue plugins
  • Customization of Production Order import using NetWeaver jobs and MII transactions
  • Customization of Shop Order release process
  • Customization of communication with third party application through MII transactions
  • Customization of all integration messages to SAP ECC
  • New customized login module to support Badge login
  • New Web Services design and implementation
  • Database performance optimization
  • Development SAP UI5 standalone GUI screens
  • Customization archiving jobs

Support SAP ME upgrades/Go live supports

  • Support with patches upgrade
  • Migration from previous version 5.2, 6.0, 15.1, v15.2 to the latest versions v15.1, v15.4, v15.5