Warehouse and inventory

In over 15 years of experience in warehouse management and logistics software, CorePartners has successfully implemented more than 200 projects.

Our CoreIMS warehouse management software is designed for flexibility in terms of warehouse size and range of operations, including real time stock visualization and order processing across multiple warehouses.

Warehouse management and logistics

  • Extended support of warehouse operations
  • Easy to install and use the product in a heterogeneous, geographically distributed warehousing environment
  • Flexible control of goods, with attribute definitions and kit packaging
  • Processing of bar codes and use of RF terminals
  • Integrated warehouse management using handheld mobile devices

Implementation examples

  • Novartis is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Efforts involved the development of a comprehensive system for tracking stock movement and accounting for goods (including shelf life indicators) in real time. Embedded a module for proprietary processing of bar codes.
  • Intel produces a wide range of electronic devices and computer components, including many well known microprocessors. Work included development and implementation of an application for accounting of intellectual property.
  • The U.S. Department of defense (Department of Defence of USA) – implemented a customized management system for geographically distributed warehouses, including modules for accounting and movement of goods, payment of bills, detailed transaction history and production of complex, custom reports in real time.
  • General Dynamics is a manufacturer associated with military and aerospace technology. CorePartners developed and implemented a solution that enables tracking the movement of raw materials and shop materials from the warehouse in in real time, as well as finished goods from the shop to the warehouse. As implemented, the module generates complex custom reports as well.
  • New York State Department of Health – developed and implemented a system for accounting and delivery of equipment and medications for clinics and medical institutions across the state.