Traffic safety depends on the awareness of municipal and road traffic services in real time.

Video surveillance and monitoring systems have become an integral part of comprehensive security systems because modern controllers allow not only to observe and record video, but also to help manage incident responses.

CorePartners offers a comprehensive system for road condition reporting based on network monitoring and image analysis. Technical characteristic assessments are made with the assistance of thousands of sensors and positioning tools in the field. Data collection and feedback are inputs to processing systems in real time, so that cumulative statistical results are displayed to support real time reports.

Traffic monitoring

  • Image processors with thousands of sensors provide data in real time
  • Analysis with gigabytes of historical data
  • Efficient computation of complex KPIs
  • Integration with other information providers: weather forecasts, etc.
  • Data filter for eliminating erroneous measurements from sensors
  • View of key indicators in real time in map, tabular, and graphic formats
  • Sensor status montoring
  • Integration with GIS

Implementation examples

  • Iowa Department of Transportation,- developed and implemented a system for monitoring pavement state and seasonal road events. The application allows for enumerating KPIs and visualizing data on a map in real time, highlighting the most important indicators.