Development in the medical research sphere dictates the necessity of expertise in processing and analysis associated with complex medical images.

CorePartners offers an integrated system that combines intermediate and final results of research conducted using complex medical imaging devices: x-ray machines, gamma cameras, computer and magnetic resonance scanners, ultrasonic diagnostics devices (sonographes) and other similar units - allowing for the reconstruction of two and three-dimensional images.

Our successful experience - more than 300 deployments and 10 million accumulated images – guarantee quality in our proposed solutions.

Medical systems

  • A large amount of data (> 40 TB) and unstructured metadata lookup
  • Deployment of “one-click” exchanges (clients & site-server)
  • Receiving, analysis, and further exchange of images between clinics
  • Optimization of images (lossless compression, custom encryption), synchronous and asynchronous transfer
  • Assist functions with respect to snapshot analysis
  • Compatible IHE, DICOM, HL7, full integration of the equipment of various types (PET, CT, MRI, etc.), digitized images, integration with legacy systems
  • Compliance with HIPAA standards

Implementation examples

  • American College of Radiology – basic activities include supervising and issuing licenses for clinics and medical institutions throughout the United States. CorePartners originally developed the support system for image processing that includes the following functions: automatic collection, distribution, management and analysis of medical images; viewing and processing of DICOM images; processing images from various devices, exchange of information between 300 medical institutions and clinics.
  • Image Metrix, - developed and implemented a distributed processing system of medical images and pictures. The main functions allow for automated collection and forwarding of medical information. The system can detect and process a DICOM image and allow for supervision of the quality of images.
  • Clinical Trials – developed and implemented a system which allows processing and analysis of health information associated with the trials. The system is equipped with a the module for viewing DICOM images and provides information for decision-making on the basis of the considered views.
  • Trauma Brain Injury – developed a system for the analysis of brain images to help identify the consequences of craniocerebral injury. The system allows the analysis of the images and provides additional background information.
  • Dose Registry – this system provides for interaction with a wide range of medical devices (scanners, radiology information system). Allows for import/export data exchange from other systems in a variety of formats.


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