Project Portfolio Management

CorePPM was developed through the lens of three key roles:

  • As an Executive/Program Manager, you want a dashboard to evaluate your projects across the organization/division; are we delivering to scope?; are we on time?; are we on budget?; are there risks that I should be addressing with the project team and customer?
  • As a Project Manager, you need to plan, monitor and control milestones across multiple projects; be readily aware of upcoming delivery dates; minimize costly team status meetings; provide regular status updates and easily identify escalations.
  • As a Project Team Member, you want to spend time doing your assignments and less time sitting in meetings reporting on them!

Be empowered through CorePPM

  • Know your projects and key milestones
  • Identify red flags before they turn into costly oversights
  • Allow your team members to focus on the quality of their deliverables

Advantages of CorePPM:

  • Dashboards – to show real-time progress of each project or grouping of projects
  • Easily identify risks across all of your projects
  • Team Members provide updates through a simple email interface – no more logging into another application or sitting in a long status meeting
  • Automated progress reports to your predefined list of recipients
  • Microsoft Outlook integration!

Good things to know…

  • CorePPM is easy to get up and running as a SAAS model or local network installation.
  • We provide implementation support to ensure your team is properly trained to quickly take advantage of the features to meet your business needs.
  • Though CorePPM is feature rich and ready to use out of the box, it is completely customizable should your organization have the need.

Implementation examples

  • Argussoft International is engaged in delivery of electronic components. Developed and implemented system is being used to plan and track all processes and procedures of trade in microelectronic goods, including: procurement of goods, contractors, inventory, pricing policy, planning, analysis.