We pay particular attention to the unique characteristics of each project with the client's business needs in mind. This significantly improves the quality of suggested solutions. For that reason, most of our customers have been partners since the founding of the company.

Although long term partnerships are a strong focus, we have a significant experience with fixed term projects.

Customer relationships are managed through a Project Manager and Project Analyst. The Project Analyst is responsible for gathering requirements and surveying stakeholders. The Project Manager manages organizational and technical issues and remains informed about all activities related to the project.

The general stages of customer interaction are as follows:

  • Preliminary contacts with the customer:assignment of the project team, collection of system requirements, interviews with key users and customer technical specialists, development and approval of technical assignments.
  • A detailed survey of customer's requirements: definition of the composition of the project team, the collection of system requirements, interviewing the key users and technical specialists of the Customer, development and approval of Technical assignment.
  • Development and testing of the system: after the development of the system or particular defined parts of its functionality, we demonstrate it to the customer. This stage is followed by detection and correction of errors – once those are resolved acceptance testing is implemented.
  • Pilot operation of the system: system deployment on behalf of the customer, user training – to include collecting comments and suggestions for system improvement, mitigation of ticket items and change requests.
  • Industrial operation of the system: customer managed operation in cooperations with company support services (if necessary), collection of specifications for future development.

Documentation developed in accordance with RUP requirements is an important form of interaction with the customer.